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Pumping Solutions

Where You
Need It, When You Need It!

Keep your production flowing smoothly by ensuring your material is where it needs to be when you need it. BeeHex can install a custom solution for transporting and dispensing a wide variety of icings, frostings, and other food materials. We also offer solutions for dispensing dry food products!

Wide Range of
Material Capability

Central Material Distribution


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Asset 15robotics systems.png
Asset 20robotics systems.png

Let us get your production flowing! Regardless of its density, viscosity, or temperature sensitivity, our systems can handle your food material. 

Simplify your production by distributing your material from a central point with a BeeHex pumping solution.

Whether interfacing with
your production line or transferring through your facility, we can help with your material distribution needs.

BeeHex Makes
Pumping Simple by:

Assessing your custom problems 

- Building custom solutions to
  your unique challanges

- Providing ongoing support through        visits, calls, and training

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See How Our Team Can Support Your
Material Pumping Needs!

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