BeeHex is a NASA spin-off company. The founder worked on a
project to develop a
3D Food Printer system that can personalize food for astronauts during long-duration space missions. In 2016, the founding team identified newer applications of 3D Food Printing for the bakery industry and formed the company to commercialize the core  technology.

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BeeHex has built a community of long-standing

companies & advisors to help us grow.



We strive to be a leader in the food automation industry by providing
cutting-edge solutions suitable for our customers. We envision a world
where food production, personalization, and packaging can be fully automated. Our vision is to make food accessible and affordable to
the growing population of the world.   



To provide innovative solutions for the food processing industry by using 3D Food Printing, Robotics, Machine Vision, and Artificial Intelligence to satisfy customer needs with quality equipment and superior service



We work closely with our customers to evaluate their specific needs and provide equipment and solutions designed to meet those needs and provide value to your operations.




We produce the highest quality equipment designed to meet or exceed our customers’ needs for reliability, safety, performance,  and value and are committed to the constant improvement and enhancement of our products.


Superior Service

We strive to develop and maintain successful customer relationships by providing on-time products and superior customer service and support that  continues throughout the business relationship.