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Vision Solutions

Our vision solutions allow our systems to identify, locate, and precisely dispense a wide variety of products with minimal outside interaction. Integrate vision into any production
setting to add precision and quality while ensuring a safe
working environment. 


Our team is ready to work with you to identify your needs and tailor custom vision solutions to your production challenges! 

Vision System_3.gif

Custom Vision
To Address
Your Pain Points

Object Recognition

Quality Control

Improved Safety

Asset 9robotics systems.png
Asset 7robotics systems.png
Asset 8robotics systems.png

Identify different object shapes, sizes, colors,
and orientations during
production for painless quality control, conveying, and packaging.

Automatically reject anomalies and flag foreign objects during production to meet industry standards and streamline your production.

Alert your staff to changes
in production or possible unsafe working conditions. 


See How Our Team Can Support Your
Vision Application Needs!

BeeHex Makes
Vision Simple By:

- Assessing your unique needs 

- Building custom hardware and         software solutions for your
  unique challenges

- Providing ongoing support through        visits, calls, and training

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