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Beyond Borders and Biology

Celebrating Father's Day and the Universal Power of Fatherhood

Father's Day, a celebration that transcends borders and calendars, holds a unique significance around the world. It may fall on different dates in different countries, but the essence remains unchanged—a day dedicated to honoring the influential figures who have embraced the role of a father.

Yet, the concept of fatherhood extends far beyond mere biology. In my own family, my mother single-handedly assumed both parental roles, so my sisters and I adoringly wished her a Happy Father’s Day every year. It reminds me that the branch on a family tree for a father is rooted in the dedication and unconditional love and support bestowed upon their loved ones.

No matter the name or title, the essence of a father figure goes beyond the word "Dad."

I believe there is no age limit to acquiring this type of person. I was 29 when my mother's partner became that love and support for me. And though I do not call him “Dad”, his first name is synonymous with the essence of fatherhood.

Regardless of the title they hold—be it "coach," "Uncle," "Mom," "Grandpa," "Larry," or "Beth"—it is the depth of their connection and the love they exude that truly matters. On this special day, we extend our heartfelt wishes to all those extraordinary individuals who embody the spirit of fatherhood.


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