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BeeHex Automation Gets Pumped Up

BeeHex Automation and Edhard Corp. have partnered for precise and elegant industrial robotic decorating.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Edhard Corp. Edhard celebrated its 50th-anniversary last year and is only picking up speed. For five decades, Edhard has refined its products for accuracy and reliability. The motivation of Edhard to develop quality equipment while keeping the price affordable is one of the reasons we are honored to work with them. We are excited to add Edhard equipment to our family of dessert decorating equipment. You can expect reliability, accuracy, and repeatability using a vast range of applications from Edhard equipment.

High volume pump and automated cookie decorating machine
May 2023 BeeHex Automation & Edhard start collaboration.

Dessert decorating equipment at its finest.

Edhard's high-volume pumps are a perfect match with our decorating machines; a reliable flow rate is one of the most important parts of creating beautiful results with cookie and cake decorating. The variation of viscosity among frosting and icing can be tricky, however, the Edhard pumps are up for the task. Lastly, one of our favorite features is how easy it is to clean!

All in ONE Solution

With the help of Edhard high volume pumps, we can offer a complete solution to automate your dessert decoration. Say goodbye to achy hands and start automating your cookie and cake production today!

If you would like more information about Edhard equipment please visit their website at

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