Our Machines

  • 3D Decorator

    A free-standing decoration machine for bakeries that want 6 icing colors to run one tray at a time. 

  • 3D Decoration Production Line

    Built for each customer, the production line achieves high throughput baked good decoration with multi-head configuration.

  • Deco-Pod (In-Store Solution)

    The Deco-Pod is our 3D Decorator wrapped in a customizable shell that is ready to be place in-store for decoration for any dessert. 

  • Cake Writer (In-Store Solution)

    A small form factor machine that allows customers to write personalized messages on any pre-decorated cakes.

  • Custom 3D Printer

    Our 3D food printing machines can be repurposed for use cases. Contact us to see if we are able apply it to your needs.

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